Whether you are building a web site or a web application, your project's success hinges on adhering to a proven delivery model. 

Our project team understands that each step in the process is critical to the overall success of a project's implementation.

Phase One - Discover - Find out why

Our first action is to discover why you, our client, want this work done. What is driving this need? From this simple question we work with you to develop a strategy and direction for your web site or application. The Adage project leader documents the general requirements for the web application, critical success factors, and a general plan for completion that becomes our basis of understanding moving forward.

Phase Two - Design - Plan the work

From our discovery document, Adage creates a plan to further define business requirements, layout and design, and the technical foundation for the project. This plan becomes our design document (with your approval) that allows us to begin building.


Phase Three - Develop - Work the plan

Concepts, designs, strategy, and blueprints become a reality in the development phase. Using the tools, platform, and resources outlined in the design document, the project team acts on the plan detailed in the design phase. This phase is considered complete when an Alpha version of the product is posted for review.

Phase Four - Demonstrate - Test and modify

Testing is the emphasis in this phase of the project. We review feedback from the Alpha version posting and make necessary modifications. The modifications result in the Beta version. Next, the Beta version is reviewed, tested, and further modified.

Phase Five - Deploy - Release and document

Once extensive testing is completed and final approval is obtained from both the project team and the client sponsor, the web site or tool is brought online. During the deployment phase, Adage includes not only a description of the system, but also the knowledge transfer necessary for support and maintenance moving forward.


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