seeking only the best

are you interested in creating and developing solutions that are customized for a client’s unique needs?

  • Current Open Positions

    • Programmer

      Master of MasterPages?  Know how to link Linq statements?  Yes?  Great!  We are looking for .Net developers at every level from entry level to unbelievable.

    • Front End

      Is making websites and mobile applications more usable your bailiwick?  Do you love the HTML5.0/CSS3.0/jQuery trinity?  Do you know that .LESS might be more?  Then maybe Adage Technologies is the next step in your career.  We are looking for really talented Front End Designers and Developers.

    • User Experience

      Is usable just not good enough?  Do you tweak everything you see?  Do you like helping clients visualize their software paradise?  We need people who can assist our clients to improve the usability of their current applications and also help them dream up the perfect solution for their next software needs.

    • Project Management

      Are you interested in engaging clients and collaborating with our own delivery team to help develop websites and applications?  Do you want to get your hands dirty in the tech world and continue to grow your knowledge of the tech industry?  If so, take a look at our positions below.  They are unique opportunities to work with a wide variety of clients, some of the newest technologies, and a few of the best developers around.   

    • Sales / Marketing

      Are you looking for a place where you can be proud of what you sell?  Do you have a passion for technology?  Are you looking to take your marketing or sales skills to the next level?

    • IT

      Are you looking to jump into the IT Field and take on real responsibility to help improve, support and maintain a tech company's infrastructure?  If so, take a look at our position below