Mobile Solutions

Reach your audience across all devices.

Adage Technologies does more than just build apps. We consult with groups about their biggest business problems, then develop custom mobile application solutions to solve them.

Adage's Metra Tracker Windows Phone app for Chicago's commuter rail service.

Mobile Application Development

Today, more than half of the internet browsing in the United States is done on mobile devices, so it’s more necessary than ever before that every organization- be it a small manufacturing company or a world-class opera house, a non-profit or a Fortune 500 company- has a mobile app.

Adage has experience with many types of custom mobile application development. Whether you need a tablet-based line-of-business application to increase workplace efficiency, or an ecommerce app to help better engage your customers, we can help you prototype and build exactly what you need.

We can also help you solve the big question: which platform do I choose? We can help you use your web analytics data, as well as our user experience research team, to figure out what which platforms and devices you should prioritize. We also partner with Adobe PhoneGap to help build apps that play nicely on all major platforms.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive design ensures your audience has a consistent user experience across all devices. By formatting your site based on device size as well as factoring in sizes of icons and navigation for touch screens, responsive design ensures you're capturing your audience's attention to the best of your ability.

Reach all your consumers

User-bases for many businesses are increasingly scattered across different platforms with different devices and different screen sizes; desktops, tablets and mobile. Responsive design is an effective way to reach them all at once, provide an engaging experience for all users and keep branding and communication consistent across all platforms and devices.

Save time and money updating content

With a separate desktop and mobile site, any content changes to be reflected on both must be made twice, separately. With a responsive site, you can save money and valuable time by updating content in one content management system that registers across all devices.


We understand that compatibility with multiple platforms is essential. Should you develop an iOS app? Android? What about Windows? With Adobe’s PhoneGap, powered by Apache Cordova, and the work of the application development team at Adage Technologies, it’s a moot point: one set of app code can ensure you have native apps on all the most popular platforms at no additional cost.

PhoneGap Benefits

Developing a separate app for each mobile platform is the status-quo and can be a costly, time-intensive process.

But with PhoneGap technology, Adage’s developers can build one app with standard development tools like HTML5, CSS and Javascript, and couple it with the PhoneGap framework to produce apps with native-quality features for almost any platform.

Custom Mobile App Creation

PhoneGap apps are supported on iOS and Mac OSX, Android, Chrome OS, Windows Phone, and Windows 7 and 8 and meet style requirements to be listed in Apple’s App Store and the Android Market.

PhoneGap is Web-based, so in our capable hands, the custom mobile app development possibilities are pretty exciting. In 2011, Adobe acquired Nitobi, the company that developed PhoneGap technology using Apache Cordova back in 2009. The software giant’s guidance and attention has sparked the mobile development framework’s revival.

Apps utilizing PhoneGap can either be uniformly styled cross-platform for unified branding or styled platform-by-platform for more of a native feel. They can also access native functions like a device’s camera, contacts, geolocation and storage, appeasing native app-lovers.


  • allows for one mobile app to be deployed across iOS, Android, Windows 7 & 8

  • is owned and supported by Adobe

  • allows for native features like a device’s camera, geolocation, storage

  • is right in Adage’s wheelhouse

iBeacon Technology

Adage is ahead of the curve- we already develop applications using Apple’s new iBeacon technology. iBeacons are tiny devices that emit a close range Bluetooth signal. When iOS devices are in close proximity, the signal triggers applications and push notifications on a user’s phone.

There are endless possibilities for using iBeacons to increase customer engagement, whether in a retail setting, an interactive museum exhibit, or a performance space.

Read more about implementing iBeacon technology in our whitepaper.