For your own security and protection, your .NET application should be hosted by a company that fully understands .NET. Adage has keen understanding of .NET.

Adage offers hosting on Windows 2003/2008 Servers. We offer four main types of hosting: Dedicated, Dedicated Virtual, Colocation, and Shared Hosting. All of our hosting offerings come with backup, firewall, software, and other miscellaneous options to meet your specific hosting needs. Our hosting facility, located in Chicago’s South Loop, includes multiple high-speed connections to other Internet service providers offering a fully redundant and secure environment for your application.


                  Microsoft Silver Certified Partner                    

Questions to ask a host provider:  

“I have a web application written using Microsoft ASP.NET, can you host that?”

Absolutely.  In fact, we are experts in hosting .NET applications. We not only write .NET web applications but we know how to effectively host applications and can resolve issues that stump many generic hosting firms.  The more complicated your application, the more we will likely be able to assist you with your hosting needs.

“Will I be allowed access to a dedicated server?”

With our dedicated server package, you are provided complete control over the server and given root level access to perform administrative tasks as needed. Adage provides the hardware and operating system setup. Once we have the server set up, you will be free to add software and configure the server as needed.

“Do you offer virtual dedicated servers?”

Adage can also enable a virtual dedicated server running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or 2008 for your use on a shared physical machine that runs on Microsoft's Hyper V core.

“Can I own my own hardware and software?”

If you want control over the machine, then our colocation package is the right choice for you. You will be able to purchase a machine of your choice and "rent" space to house your server on a monthly basis with a secure, redundant hosting facility.

“Do you offer inexpensive, shared hosting?”

For a minimum monthly fee, shared hosting is the least expensive way to get online. Adage can also offer email, nightly backups, secure hosting, and server redundancy.

“Can you configure multi-server setup?" 

If you have more than one server, Adage can work with you to configure a multi-server setup for your ASP.NET application. Our keen understanding of .NET and web hosting allows us to configure an optimized hosting environment for your application.


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