Custom Software

When off-the-shelf software can't meet your needs, let our Chicago-based team design custom software for your specific needs. We specialize in building web applications that streamline your business and give you a competitive edge.

Over the years, we have built a wide variety of software solutions for a wide variety of companies around the country.

Custom Solutions Designed for Your Needs 

Workflow/Business Process

Run faster and more efficiently. Whether you are trying to improve just one portion of the business or the entire operation, a custom web application can streamline critical business processes. We build systems that account for complex business rules and workflows allowing your company to grow with little or no additional head count.

Insurance Inspection

If you have a distributed workforce, Adage custom builds inspection management systems that allow customers, remote field workers, and office staff to interact more efficiently via a central repository of data.

Database Consolidation

Spending too much time exporting and importing data due to multiple databases? Is your data in Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL? Adage can consolidate all of your data stores into one database and one web application that's more secure than your current system.


Not all shopping cart software is equal! Adage offers you a unique blend of custom development experience and eCommerce "know how" to help you sell your unique products online.


Whether you're forecasting based on weekly, monthly or quarterly figures, gathering and analyzing numbers from a remote workforce and branch offices has been proved to be easier with our customized web applications.


If Sharepoint is not flexible enough for your needs to share and collaborate with people around the world, Adage is experienced building and maintaining custom collaboration applications that exceed off-the-shelf software.

Contract/Asset Management

 Adage has engineered solutions for the complicated task of tracking contracts, assets, and leases. Integrated with your CRM system, our software tracks termination dates and notifies the sales staff with lead time to begin the conversation about renewals.

Executive Assessment/Goals

Assisting HR and company executives, we build executive assessment systems. The applications are customized for a wide range of functions including 360 degree evaluations, interview and rating, goal setting and goal approval.


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