Business Model

How we do business

  • Adage developers must be able to talk to clients 
    Every developer at Adage is required to deal directly with clients ensuring the developer is getting first-hand accounts of the business issues involved, the problems the work is looking to solve, and the budgets and timelines for the work. 

  • Adage invests in its developers 
    Adage has ongoing training and discussion sessions with their development team to improve their understanding of their work, including reviewing new technologies, improving communication skills, sharing best practices among peers and studying errors for future improvement. 

  • A belief in “distributed responsibility” Adage runs a flat organization. 
     The lack of hierarchy means that each employee is responsible for his or her work, knowledge of customer needs and requirements, and for helping coworkers when the need arises. 

  • Adage does not use outside contractors 
    Adage’s team of developers work from a single office. No outside contractors are used. Collaboration among the development team is key to Adage’s success through working together, discussing optimal solutions, and, perhaps most importantly, designing only what is needed based on requirements.