Season Announcement, Renewals, and Acquisition…Season

Ah February, the dark slog through winter, with the bright beacon of hope at the end of the month, (or maybe just around the corner in March…or April…) gleaming with its promise of a new day, a day for performing arts organizations when we’ll each finally announce our next season and open up renewals and acquisitions to the eager subscriber masses.

From my time working in marketing at theatres pre-Adage, I know the last minute nature and sheer amount of extra work can make it a heart-breaking and head-aching time of year for performing arts organizations, but I’ve always loved renewal season. To start, I love seeing the season announcements come rolling in. It’s exciting to see who is doing what and which of our clients are partnering with each other on programming.

Ticketing Strategies, Unique Subscriber Packages and Benefits

And the main reason I love this time of year is because at Adage we get to be a part of enabling new ticketing strategies and package types for our clients online—many utilizing our ACE Platform. They’ve been saying for years that the subscription model is dying, but I believe it’s actually just evolving to its next iteration. While there may be a decline in standard fixed-packages, our clients continue to impress with creative ticketing strategies:

1. 3-Show Pack

Together with New York City Center, we recently launched a new offering for their Encores! Off-Center season. The 3-Show Pack is a flex package that allows you to select your own seats for each production through SmartSeat. The 3-packs were an immediate hit with New York City Center’s audiences. They also feature flexibility of date, free exchanges, advanced purchasing, and of course, reduced services fees!


Offering a very helpful twist to their standard fixed-subscription packages, The Lyric Opera created the TRADEONE. It’s an opportunity for subscribers to swap out one opera in their series for another when subscribing. This great benefit allows subscribers to keep their same seats and series that they love, while also granting extra flexibility.

3. Pricing Rules + Member Upsells

BAM does an excellent job of notifying patrons who are interested in qualifying performances, like the 2019 Winter / Spring Season, of the discounts available when bundling productions and/or becoming a member. The seamless upsell prompts in the cart—a combination of pricing rules and personalization—easily convert single ticket buyers into subscribers and/or members on the fly.

BAM shopping cart

4. Non-traditional Memberships

Both Steppenwolf and Goodman Theatre have been offering different types of non-traditional memberships to their patrons for a few years now. Steppenwolf’s Black and Red Cards and Goodman’s Whenever Membership promise guaranteed nights at the theatre, with the ultimate flexibility. Buy a pack of credits or passes upfront and then redeem them throughout the season for any productions, any dates, any seating locations, and any quantities—all while seeing serious savings from standard ticket prices. Patrons can buy their passes AND redeem them online for an easy user experience.

More Arts Admin Motivational Thoughts

Were you motivated or delighted by the cute kitty above, announcing your impending renewals launch? Is your cube wall missing our annual Adage calendar from TLCC last year? Let me know and I’ll send you your own copy, and see you with another post next month.

Interested in learning more about the above packages? Or have a subscription / renewal dream you’d love to see online? I’m happy to chat any time!