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Roy Chomko

Questions to ask web dev firms - Adage Tech - Featured ImageStrategy

Questions to Ask Prospective Web Development Firms

Choosing a web design and development firm for your next project is a challenging task that carries a lot of risks. Making sure to ask the right questions to prospective firms can be the difference between an innovative, mobile-friendly website and dozens of unimpressive pages that are not intuitive for your users. Also, asking the right questions can prevent endless…
Roy Chomko
May 14, 2020
agile living - business frameworksAdage Culture | CompanyIndustry Insights

How a Business Framework Can Make Your Organization More Agile

As President and CEO of Adage Technologies, I am in continuous pursuit of becoming more agile, both professionally and personally. Being Agile is something we work toward at Adage and I had the opportunity to share my experience on Jon Voigt's Agile Living Podcast. Entrepreneurs, find out how to become more agile and adapt to a constantly changing business landscape…
Roy Chomko
February 27, 2019
Insight Venture Partners Acquires EpiserverEpiserverIndustry Insights

Insight Venture Partners Invests in Episerver

Insight Venture Partners Invests in Episerver If you have not heard the news, Episerver continues to rise as a serious player in the ecommerce and CMS space. They are in the process of closing on a sale to a new investor (Insight Venture Partners) after being bought by Accel-KKR a few short years ago. Just last week, I had the…
Roy Chomko
September 18, 2018

Adage’s Annual Retreat – Hackathon

Adage’s Annual Retreat Takes On Hackathon Format For the past four years Adage Technologies has taken one day out of the year where it puts its pencils down (or rather laptops away) to focus on learning, team building, and overall performance. Known as a 'people-first organization,' Adage values allowing its staff such opportunities, to grow both personally and professionally. This…
Roy Chomko
July 18, 2018
Episerver Webinar with Nir Eyal How to Create Habit-forming ExperiencesEpiserverFor MarketersPartner

Episerver Webinar “How to Create Habit-forming Experiences with Nir Eyal”

“How to Create Habit-forming Experiences with Nir Eyal” Episerver Webinar January 30th at 9 am Central Join Adage for the first installation in Episerver’s Premium Webinar Series, “How to Create Habit-forming Experiences with Nir Eyal.” Adage has been an Episerver Premium Solution Partner since 2009. With over 60 successful implementations and multiple Episerver Awards including Partner of the Year, Adage…
Roy Chomko
January 23, 2018
Episerver 8 - Adage Tech - Featured ImageEpiserver

Episerver 8.0 – What You Need To Know

These days in the web content management space, anybody who’s anybody is on version 8 of their CMS: Kentico 8, Sitecore 8, Drupal 8, Umbraco 8. In case you still haven’t heard, Episerver recently joined the big 8 club with the release of Episerver 8.0. Episerver 8.0 is the first major release from Episerver since its shift to continuous releases…
Roy Chomko
May 15, 2017
Adage Culture | Company

What We’ve Learned in 16 Years : 9 Lessons

In internet time, a lot has happened in the last 16 years. When I started Adage Technologies, faxing was commonplace, the Netscape browser was still in vogue, and many still "dialed-in" for internet access. As technology continues to evolve rapidly, fast forward 16 years into the present—we have learned a few things. Here are my big lessons learned from our…
Roy Chomko
April 30, 2017