What Every Marketer Should Know about Search & Personalization [Infographic]

Jordan Grimmer 9/7/2017


When was the last time you were searching through a website and were unable to easily find exactly what you were looking for? Maybe your search query yielded few helpful results, or you were simply presented with content that was completely irrelevant.

With Google pulling in over 100 billion unique searches each month, it's clear that marketers have their work cut out for them in terms of improving their on-site search, and personalizing their content.

Improving the search and personalization functionalities of your website can transform it into a powerful conversion tool. Below, we've outlined some interesting statistics that demonstrate the importance of developing a solid search and personalization strategy for your website:

infographic containing on-site search and personalization statistics

To learn more about how you can plan and prepare for a personalization and search strategy, check out our webinar.