Meet The Latest Adage All-Star: 4Q2016's Lauren Bowser

Matt Zellner 2/3/2017


Get to know our latest All-Star, Lauren!

At the end of each quarter, all Adage employees nominate one of their coworkers who most represents our Core Values to be our All-Star of the Quarter. Receiving the most nominations, the 4Q2016 All-Star of the Quarter was Project Manager Lauren Bowser!

I spoke with Lauren this week to learn more about her work and how it felt to join an elite corps of Adage employees.

Below is the transcript of our interview:

MATT: First of all, congrats! For those who don’t know how you might have earned your All-Star honor, could you tell us a little about what you do every day?

LAUREN: Sure! On a daily basis I’m working with about a dozen clients: helping them through various projects, making sure that their team is working on tasks and knows what they need to do next, making sure my clients are aware of project progress, tracking budgets and timelines, and just generally making sure everything is being done correctly.

MATT: How did it feel when you heard your name called in the quarterly meeting as the new All-Star?

LAUREN: It was really nice! I saw my team all voted for me so that was just a nice confirmation for me that I’ve been doing a good job and that everything I’ve contributed so far at Adage has been appreciated.

MATT: Perhaps more importantly, how does it feel to join the elite alumni of the Adage All-Star Award? To be mentioned alongside Adage legends like Glenn Lalas in Development, Johnny Chin in IT, and Sarah Bordson in Sales?

LAUREN: Wow. I do know that there are some true rock stars at Adage, so to have my name mentioned with them is pretty cool. Especially being here for just a little over a year, it’s nice to know that I was able to hop in and contribute in the way that those rock stars have been doing for a long time.

MATT: Have you heard about the new All-Star Wall of Fame being added in Adage World Headquarters? Each All-Star will get their own space on the wall right near the entrance.

LAUREN: Yeah, I have heard of that and seen a mockup of what it will look like. I know I get to sign my own little triangle, so it’ll be nice to have that up for everyone to see and know that it’ll be up there…maybe forever. My name will be literally on the wall here, so that’s cool.

MATT: Very cool. So you’ve been here a little over a year—is there something big you’re looking to accomplish in year two?

LAUREN: So I’ve been here for just over a year, but I’ve yet to take a project all the way through from kickoff/first client call all the way through launch—I’ve picked things up here and there, but I would love to take something all the way through.

MATT: Do you have any advice for someone looking to be the next All-Star?

LAUREN: I think just always ask for feedback. Always try to find ways that you can do better. Everyone at Adage is really open about how things are going and is willing to help out, so if you feel like you could use support for how to get better at your job, just ask. Everybody has good suggestions.

MATT: Do you have a favorite client?

LAUREN: I love all my clients! One of my favorites right now is probably Steppenwolf. They have a very cool website and they’re just very creative and innovative people—they have all kinds of ideas about what they want to do to grow their site. We've got some really cool features up there now, and some really cool things planned. They’re just really fun to work with in general.

Team Adage for Whirlyball is led by Lauren

MATT: One last thing Lauren—I hear you’re the team captain of the Adage Whirlyball team this season? How’s the team looking this year?

LAUREN: We have a very promising team this season. Some of our best and brightest have joined the team and are ready to put forth a great effort. I predict our best Whirleyball finish yet!

Keep an eye out for updates on the construction process for the Adage All-Star Wall of Fame and for the announcement of our next All-Star in April!

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