Digital Transformation Initiative for Better User Experience and Increased Member Retention

“Our mission is to improve the health of all children by providing the best resources and materials to our members, health care providers, and parents. ShopAAP is comprehensive, easy to use, and it’s the perfect platform to help us reach these important goals.”

Rob KatchenDirector of Information Technology, American Academy of Pediatrics
In an effort to continuously improve and ensure efforts are mission-driven and mission-focused, the American Academy of Pediatrics completed an extensive strategic planning and data gathering practice. The outcome of the process was to create five-year goals to address siloed departments, decreased member engagement, and poor member communication and experience.
In support of the five-year plan, the AAP comprised a digital strategy, knowing their digital landscape intertwined with all other aspects of operations, member services, education, and further. Engaging with Adage pushed the AAP to think bigger.

Increase in revenue


Increase in page views


Increase in members


Increase in accurate search results

The Difference

Dramatic Increase in Revenue, Site Visitors, Members, and Accurate Search Results

Phase I: Stakeholder Alignment

The first step was an in-depth discovery and research phase to identify timelines and goals for the multi-year, multi-phase project. A summary of the AAP’s goals was to retool and revamp AAP’s digital landscape to be more efficient, member-centric and collaborative so they can focus on what matters: the health of children.
The extensive discovery workshops also identified an Organizing Idea which aligned stakeholders to agree on core principals and the definition of success. A variety of stakeholders participated in the workshops.

Organizing idea and core principles




Phase II: Quick Wins

Feedback & Polling

A feedback and polling widget was added to, search, and Shop AAP, resulting in:
  • Improved analytics
  • Better decision-making
  • Prioritized quick-wins
  • Feedback loops
  • Informed future, continuous improvements Homepage Redesign

Adage used the feedback and data from the polling tool to implement an update to the design of, which included a reorganization of the content on the homepage in order to:
  • Improve the user experience of the homepage
  • Prioritize content based on user needs
  • Easily navigate to key AAP sites

Agile Scrum Transformation

The AAP decided to transition to an Agile Scrum framework to better navigate their day-to-day technical challenges and to better partner with their dedicated scrum team from Adage. Since Adage has been a vocal proponent of agile scrum development since 2016 they initiated an agile scrum training program for the AAP.

Phase III: Major Improvements and Upgrades

Enterprise Search

Federated search was built for AAP’s 13 disparate content sources such as ShopAAP, publications,, etc. The aggregated information is faceted, filterable, and categorized to easily identify the source, giving visitors the power to choose which sources from which they want content. Plus, each source is appropriately branded for transparency and consistency.

Content Strategy

Adage completed a content audit and created a comprehensive strategy for the migration and updated structure of content. The content strategy improved the usability and member experience on The new search application resulted in a 100% increase in accurate results. This data is reported from real site visitors using the application.

Transcripts Platform

The AAP faced a challenge with a major member platform that allows members to find, print, and submit their continuing medical education transcripts. The new platform is designed to match the updated branding from the enterprise search platform to eliminate confusion among members and build brand consistency across platforms. Major features include:
  1. Search past activities
  2. Filter results
  3. Print Annual Transcripts
  4. Claim credits online
  5. Download and print certificates

My Account and Member Directory

Member Directory
Adage implemented a redesigned Member Directory to help members find other members based on attributes such as name, country, state, district, section, council, committee, and chapter.
My Account
The My Account platform was redesigned to be a one-stop, personalized profile for members and others. It serves as a hub for preferences, order history, membership, groups, education, and accessible content.

Site search and personalization.

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