The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons is the most trusted authority on injuries, diseases, and treatments associated with the bones and joints.

The online resource for AAOS, OrthoInfo, lacked the design and functionality needed to satisfy its rapidly increasing traffic flow. The vast content archives were difficult for site administrators to manage and update. With 42 million visitors a year AAOS OrthoInfo recognized both challenges and opportunities.

In our Align process Adage worked with OrthoInfo to establish our primary goal to incorporate expanded advertising to maximize revenue opportunities. We designed and developed responsive ad blocks that can be leveraged throughout the site and maintain a user focused experience.

Adage also created a custom migration tool facilitating the migration thousands of content assets. Adage worked directly with AAOS’s content team to execute a scripted migration. This saved the AAOS a significant effort they otherwise would have spent uploading their content manually. The time savings allowed OrthoInfo to improve the search engine optimization (SEO) of the site’s content.

OrthoInfo users desire to find reference materials quickly. A challenge for OrthoInfo’s impressive content library. Adage designed and implemented faceted search with Episerver Find, which allows users to quickly filter search results and find what they’re looking and never reach dead ends with no results.

Adage designed a new brand system targeted at a business direct to consumer audience and true to AAOS ‘s mission. The flexible brand system was designed with a digital first mindset.  Colors and typefaces were selected for a balance of authority, credibility, and accessibility.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Brand System
  • Resposive Web Design
  • Implementation of Episerver CMS
  • Episerver Find
  • SEO Optimization
  • New Business Model
  • Monetized Content
  • Scripted Content Migration
  • Faceted Search
Digital Branding


An all new brand and design system with a responsive logo system, colors, and typography.

Faceted Search Interface built on Episerver Find


Sorting through thousands of authoritative articles has been easier.

Custom XML Mapping to Episerver CMS


From planning through to execution, Adage assisted AAOS with a large scale content migration to Episerver CMS.

Content Monetization


Adage worked with AAOS to establish a new strategy for monetizing the OrthoInfo’s content.

From the launch press release:

The new OrthoInfo empowers patients by helping them to better understand their conditions, find answers to questions and prepare for surgical procedures—anytime, anywhere," said AAOS President William J. Maloney, MD. "In addition, OrthoInfo is an important in-office resource and tool for our orthopaedic surgeon members, reflecting the Academy's commitment to providing optimal patient care.

William J. Maloney, MD.AAOS President

Our goal is to provide clear and accurate orthopaedic information in a way that patients, families and caregivers can easily understand... We have added new illustrations, animations and videos to supplement the articles. The new responsive design will allow viewers to access orthopaedic information on many platforms—desktop, mobile, table and smart TV.

Stuart J. Fischer, MD.OrthoInfo Editor-in-Chief

See the full release: “AAOS launches redesigned