Silverpop is a leading provider of digital marketing technology that combines marketing automation, email, mobile, and social. 

As an organization, Silverpop is known for providing marketing automation that allows their clients to engage individuals based on their behaviors. Silverpop was looking to extend these unique offerings to their current website in order to offer personalized and targeted content to site visitors.

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Adage streamlined the process of delivering targeted content.

The Solution

Silverpop needed a way to deliver custom, personalized content to their diverse group of site users.

Adage's suggestion? A powerful content management system with deep personalization options, as well as a system that could easily integrate with Salesforce and Silverpop Engage (Silverpop’s unique behavioral-based, marketing automation database). EPiServer Content Management System was the obvious choice for its seamless integration between the three systems. 

Silverpop also needed a solution that was easy for content editors with no previous website experience to use. Minimal IT involvement was required.


CMS Functionality Highlights

  • Personalization and content targeting - Website content is now targeted to site visitors based on their behavior and site history.
  • Permissions and content approval - User types are assigned different roles and permissions to edit and publish content. The CMS also tracks revisions, pages waiting to be published, rejected changes, and more.
  • Analytics and reporting - Custom reports and tracking tools are available on every page to ensure content is adapted to site visitors.

Salesforce and Silverpop Engage Integration

Salesforce and Silverpop Engage are fully integrated into the Silverpop website. Users’ actions on the site are tracked and reported in both platforms to provide a complete user history and behavior.

This information can then be used to:

  • Provide more targeted content to users on the website, social, and email platforms.
  • Tailor sales and marketing strategies to an individual’s preferences as they continue to provide information and build out their user profile.
  • Provide a complete individual user profile to both the Sales and Marketing teams.

The result is a more integrated digital brand that responds to user interactions.