Founded in 1963, the Seattle Opera is now one of the premier opera companies in the western United States.

Seattle Opera worked with Adage push the limits of the Tessitura Network Express Web solution to create a more engaging ecommerce experience built on Episerver.

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Seattle Opera worked with Adage to push the limits of TNEW and expand their ecommerce capabilities.

The Client

Seattle Opera has the highest per capita attendance of any major opera company in the United States, and draws operagoers from four continents and 50 states. Since its founding, Seattle has been known for its innovative, exciting approach to marketing—a stark contrast to some of its more traditional peers.

As their founding director noted, selling opera today requires “a little razzle-dazzle.” However, the Seattle Opera’s aging web presence and Tessitura CRM-powered ecommerce experience did little to inspire a new generation of digitally-focused potential opera patrons.

The Challenge

Seattle's existing web templates gave them few options for showcasing the wealth of media the Opera generated, including photos, videos, and audio recordings, and their aging content management system made it difficult for staff from across the Opera to edit web content without IT support.

Seattle was also limited by their ecommerce experience. Seattle’s limited Tessitura integration was hard to maintain and provided limited options for managing accounts and custom subscriptions. Seattle was interested in moving to Tessitura’s TNEW solution, but was concerned it would still not offer enough flexibility.

The Solution

Adage partnered with the Seattle Opera and a design agency to rebuild the Opera’s digital presence from the ground up with a focus on building a powerful ecommerce experience and an authentic digital brand to serve their impressive base of patrons.

Adage redeveloped the Seattle using the Episerver content management system. Using Episerver now allows anyone in the Seattle organization to edit content on the website with an intuitive editing experience and easy to configure user permissions. Episerver also served as the foundation for reworked templates that put multimedia central to the Seattle digital experience.

New performance detail page templates now help provide an intimate look inside each production. The pages feature image galleries and integrated media from multiple popular sources, including YouTube and SoundCloud. Also build in Episerver is the Seattle Opera’s unique Plan Your Visit section featuring an opera First Timer’s Guide for those unfamiliar with opera culture and etiquette.

Central to the Opera’s redevelopment project was overhauling their Tessitura CRM-powered ticketing portal. Adage helped Seattle integrate Tessitura Network’s TNEW solution seamlessly with their website to preserve their brand throughout their purchase path, as well as expand TNEW’s functionality.

Seattle’s hybrid ecommerce solution allowed them to expand TNEW to fit their complex business rules for subscriptions and offer a more powerful My Account portal experience. Member data can also be used as a basis for Episerver’s Personalization targeted content feature.

The Seattle Opera website was a featured case study during the Technology Keynote at the 2015 Tessitura Learning & Community Conference.