NCREIF, the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries, is a non-profit association that serves the institutional real estate investment community as a non-partisan collector, validator, aggregator, converter, and disseminator of commercial real estate performance and benchmarking information.

Adage worked with NCREIF to build a new site featuring a bold design and powerful upgrades to their reporting tools to help better engage their members.

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NCREIF’s new website design is a drastic departure from their previous site and features improved interaction design throughout, including for their reporting tools.

The Client

NCREIF is a non-profit association and the leading provider of investment performance indices and transparent data for commercial properties in the United States.

NCREIF members include investment managers, investors, consultants, appraisers, academics, researchers and other professionals in the real estate investment management industry. The NCREIF website is the primary channel for providing their valuable data to their members.

The Opportunity

The NCREIF website user experience made it difficult for members to leverage their digital resources.

NCREIF sought to overhaul their digital experience with a focus in two primary areas: first, providing better access to their core Product, Education, and Analytics reporting tools, as well as establishing a streamlined process for keeping their website regularly updated with fresh content.

Central to accomplishing both of these goals was rebuilding the site using an easy-to-edit content management system and integrating their site with their custom association management system.

The Solution

Adage began the NCREIF overhaul by creating a bold new design featuring striking full-screen visuals, coupled with intuitive navigation developed using user experience research. The design is fully responsive, allowing the website to be navigated with ease on any device.

Intuitive CMS

The new site was implemented using the Episerver content management system, which allows users to build pages using a WYSIWYG-style on-page editing experience. The Episerver CMS also provides user management and workflow tools that make it possible for anyone on the NCREIF staff to update website copy, or add a new blog or news item.

AMS Integration

The Episerver site was integrated with NCREIF’s association management system to allow NCREIF to utilize AMS content within the CMS. The connection provides personalized member experiences based on user profiles and allows the CMS to leverage a single source of authentication from the AMS. Additionally, NCREIF can use Episerver’s integrated rules-based personalization tool to segment their site visitors into groups based on many Google Analytics tracking factors.

Reporting Tools

Adage also worked to improve the user experience of NCREIF’s reporting tools, the most important benefit of membership for many users. This including creating an interactive infographic-style map display tool, as well as rebuilding the NCREIF’s quarterly data query tool. The new query tool not only follows the site brand, but also offers new features—easy-to-apply filters, preset templates, and customizable saved queries—along with an Advanced Mode that allows users to code their own queries right from their browser.

Thanks to their foundation in Episerver and new efficiency-focused code from the Adage back-end team, the query tool now also runs faster than ever before, useful when running large batches of reports.