Adage helped Lacks Valley Stores reach more customers with a sleek, modern ecommerce experience powered by the Episerver CMS, featuring multilingual content, powerful faceted search, and ERP integration.

Founded in 1935 in McAllen, Texas, Lacks is now South Texas’s largest furniture retailer and ranks in the top 100 largest furniture operations nationwide.

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Lacks Valley's new category pages make it easy for visitors to navigate to exactly what they're looking for.

The Client

Lacks Valley Stores currently operates ten outlet stores stocked with a wide assortment of furniture, appliances, electronics, mattresses, and other decorative accessories.

Lacks is focused on expanding sales into the diverse South Texas and nearby Mexican communities, requiring multilingual advertising. Lacks also stresses that they offer more than furniture: they offer credit. Along with a visual catalog, their website provides a credit application that can be filled in before coming to the store.

The Challenge

Like many other regional furniture retailers, Lacks’s existing digital presence not only lacked ecommerce functionality, but had a dated design that failed to leverage the visual appeal of their showrooms. Adage user experience testing showed that few customers could navigate the site, even to locate such simple items as a “brown leather couch."

Their previous site consisted of only simple content pages built using a dated, difficult-to-edit Joomla implementation that was only loosely tied to the Lacks brand and featured limited multimedia capability. Despite site visitors that were diverse in terms of devices and geography, site content was only available in English and could only be viewed on a desktop browser.

The Solution

Lacks worked with Adage to overhaul their digital experience to help them reach more customers and to stand out among their competition in the regional furniture retailer market. Adage began their digital revamp with a detailed Discovery phase to help refine the Lacks vision and to better understand their goals.

Along with cross-departmental interviews within Lacks, the Adage team completed an in-store immersion exercise at one of Lacks South Texas locations. The team interviewed both customers and salespeople and utilized in-store kiosks for user experience testing of the old Lacks website to identify pain points, including the need for search functionality.

The research results—including interviews, project goals, user journeys—were synthesized into the structure and design of website, as well as a style guide featuring a redefined overall Lacks brand. The new design features a clean layout and powerful visuals coupled with an inviting color palette and a new, streamlined Lacks logo. New product detail pages are also visually focused and easy to navigate.

The new site is built on the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud content management system and hosted on Azure. Episerver makes it easy for anyone on the Lacks digital team to edit the website without touching a line of code using a template and block WYSIWYG-based editing interface. Episerver provides full multilingual capability for text throughout the site, allowing pages to be toggled between English and Spanish.

Lacks can further serve their multiple communities using built-in personalization functionality to offer targeted content to different visitor groups, including multiple versions of their credit application form depending on a visitor’s place of residency. Their site also features advanced faceted search functionality to increase conversion rates and integration with their custom ERP system for product data.

The new Lacks site is fully responsive for a mobile-friendly user experience on any device, encouraging customers to use the site as a resource within both Lacks and their competitors’ stores. Combined with ERP data, the mobile-friendly site can also be used as a resource by in-store sales staff to help improve the customer experience they provide.

The current Lacks site is only the first phase of their digital transformation project. Launching soon, the second phase will feature a complete ecommerce experience based on Episerver Commerce. Lacks customers will soon be able to buy furniture online using either their desktop or mobile device—all in a purchase path in their preferred language.