UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is a worldwide safety consulting and certification company based just outside of Chicago. Since 1894, UL has provided safety related certifications, validation, and testing to a diverse array of clients from manufacturers to consumers.

UL came to Adage to overhaul their web application for accessing and consensus-building for existing and new standards documents. The original Collaborative Standards Development System was inefficient and difficult for customers to navigate and use. Adage rebuilt their application from the ground up- from the backend database to the front-end user experience.

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UL's new Collaborative Standards Development System allows users across 46 countries to view and comment on standards.

The Challenge

UL needed a web application that would allow their customers to easily access their catalog of 1,500 standards, as well as to collaborate to come to consensus on new standards. Their existing Collaborative Standards Development System had a complex user interface that failed to encourage online collaboration, as well as an inefficient database structure- both of these issues meant that UL was forced to handle the majority of their standards operations offline on paper.

The Solution

Adage created a new Collaborative Standards Development System web portal that allows UL customers simple, yet complete access to the UL catalog of standards.

The system synchronizes customer IDs and subscriptions with ULs primary customer records system. In doing so, customers can authenticate online without having to contact UL. The customer then has the ability to update profile information as well as invite other users. Only specific users are allowed to invite others to participate. Subscribers can browse or search the UL catalog of standards. Because companies typically only are interested in a handful of primary standards and related standards, they are given the ability to create a library and share that with other users within their group.

Upon finding standards they are interested, users can also signup to receive alerts about that standard in the event there are revisions to the standard. On download, standards are watermarked with the username and copyright information.

UL operates on Windows Server with an Oracle database in a .NET development environment. Adage continues to support and maintain the application.