The most experienced Episerver Partner in the United States

As Episerver's 2014 Partner of the Year, as well as winner of the 2013 Episerver 'Best Digital Marketing Site of the Year', Adage knows inside and out how to implement, develop and create layers of customization for the Episerver CMS, one of the world's premier enterprise-level content management systems.

Fully manage your brand's web presence without constantly turning to a developer. Episerver CMS allows people within every organizational role to easily manage, edit, and create new web content without sacrificing flexibility.

Episerver CMS allows Goodman Theatre to make the most of their rich media content throughout their site

Episerver Premium Solution Provider

Adage has been an Episerver Premium Solution partner since 2007. With over 30 successful implementations, Adage is one of the most experienced North American Episerver partners. As 2014 Partner of the Year as well as winner of the 2013 'Best Digital Marketing Sites of the Year', our Episerver experience runs deep.

What Makes Episerver so Powerful

  • Extreme scalability
  • Intuitive workarea
  • Multi-channel integration
  • Personalization components
  • Website localization

Why choose Episerver CMS?

As an integral part to any business, a scalable, easy-to-use content management system is necessary for brand management and growth. With multi-channel integration, personalization, easy-to-manage workflows, dynamic content, on-page editing, Office integration, editor collaboration, and more, Episerver is a content management system that our clients turn to again and again.

Content Management

Episerver 7 has an easy to use, clutter-free editing interface that shows you only the features you need. One of the most intuitive interfaces used by a content management system today means Episerver is easy for everyone at your company to use – not just the IT department.

With Episerver, you can create content directly on the page and see your changes take place right in front of your eyes. Adage’s custom Episerver implementations allow you to quickly build a page using a drag and drop system built just for your company. You can drag blocks, media, videos, forms and even pages into areas on a page and they will automatically snap into place.

When you implement an Episerver content management system with Adage, you’re building a content management system for any device. It’s easy to handle editing with a certain device in mind. You can easily toggle on and off a mobile device view that allows you to preview or even continue editing content in a simulated device.

Designed for Mobile

Episerver is a content management system for any device; desktop, mobile, Android, iOS, Windows and probably some you haven’t even heard of. All of the sites Adage develops using Episerver are fully responsive. Once we’ve got the site designed and developed, you can still change exactly how the site is responds on certain devices from within the Episerver interface.

Digital Marketing

Episerver is not just a CMS: it’s a powerful tool for digital marketers. Not only is the editing interface marketing-friendly, but the CMS hosts a plethora of features for marketing your business in the Web 2.0/3.0 world.


One of the biggest buzzwords in content management systems today is "personalization," and Episerver does it better than anyone else. Episerver’s Personalization Manger lets you segment your websites visitors into groups based on their referral source, demographics and the interaction they’ve had with your site.

Once a visitor group has been created, any editor can add personalization as they build pages to make it simple to deliver targeted content.

Analytics & SEO

Episerver allows users to easily compile data on their visitors and website use. Built-in tools also allow marketers to run A/B and multivariate tests from within the CMS.

Episerver also includes a powerful tool for gathering SEO analysis and keyword advice from within the editing interface to allow users to quickly make changes that can improve a site’s SEO rank and drive additional traffic.

Automation & Integration

Episerver integrates directly with Adage partner Silverpop’s Engage tool for email and marketing automation thanks to a plugin built by our team. Our Adage team is skilled at developing custom integrations. If you have a CRM or email system, we can build an EPiServer plugin for it.

The EPiServer Community

Episerver is one of the world’s most popular CMS systems and is a "Visionary" on Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management. When you work with Adage for Episerver implementation, you’re joining an active user community.

An active user community means not only quality support, but also a constantly growing library of add-ons to further customize your CMS implementation. Adage can help you evaluate any plugins from the Episerver Add-On Store during our discovery process.

Considering moving from Ektron to Episerver?

Ektron and Episerver are now the new Episerver. If your organization is still using the Ektron CMS, a migration to Episerver is the next step to ensure continued support and access to innovative features.

To learn more about a migration from Ektron to Episerver, view our webinar, Contemplating a CMS Migration from Ektron to Episerver: Real World Experiences.

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