Leverage ecommerce solutions to drive sales.

Adage develops ecommerce solutions engage customers, cut maintenance costs and drive sales.

Adage built a custom eCommerce solution for the American Academy of Pediatrics, one of the world's most recognizable associations.

Know Your Customers

Effective e-commerce isn't simply selling products or services online – it's knowing who your online customers are, where they're coming from, what they want and how to give it to them.

Track and compile visitor data with comprehensive site analytics and parlay that info into personalization. Your customers are unique and they expect a unique e-commerce user experience.

Take Control of Your Messaging

Reflect the scope and vibrancy of your offerings while making it easier for customers to make purchases by tying your eCommerce efforts to your content management system.

Deploy virtual storefronts to align your online offerings with your overall brand messaging. Make online catalogs organized, sortable and searchable. Make your site's purchase path more than an afterthought with a smart shopping cart complete with upsells and custom messaging.

Empower your customers to become repeat buyers with My Account functionality, including account history, billing and shipping information.

Best of all, control your enhanced purchase process's content through your website's CMS and take direct control of your eCommerce efforts.

Generate More Sales

Time and time again, websites and applications built by Adage Technologies have proven that thoughtful e-commerce solutions can increase sales revenue.

From selling technical documents to architectural building materials to performing arts tickets and subscriptions, Adage clients have taken control of their e-commerce services and generated more sales online.