Webinar: Migrating from Ektron to Episerver: What You Need to Know

Still on Ektron? Learn what it takes to migrate to Episerver.

Are you still waiting to take the next step? Since the merger of Ektron and Episerver and the new company's focus on Episerver, many Ektron organizations having been stuck in limbo trying to figure out what to do with their content management system.

In this webinar, we’ll explain what Ektron users need to know about migrating to Episerver, as well as take a detailed look at the migration process using case studies from healthcare, the performing arts, and manufacturing.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • The motivation behind the new Epi’s choice to focus on the Episerver CMS over Ektron.
  • The differences between Ektron and Episerver, from the basic interface to advanced features like personalization.
  • How to plan for your migration with three real world Ektron to Episerver case studies.
  • What Episerver’s new cloud model means for your organization.

And even more, to help you determine your CMS plan.


Matt Zellner is Adage’s Marketing Manager with a background in digital marketing and web analytics. Matt has firsthand experience using both the Ektron and Episerver content management systems, including implementing advanced features, such as personalization and Projects.

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