Webinar: The New World of User Experience: Designing a Digital Brand to Increase Engagement

Expanding your definition of UX can expand your ecommerce.

Today’s commerce leaders know that consumer experience is about more than just arranging buy buttons on product pages. Ecommerce success relies on embracing a new model of User Experience (UX) One that engages all your constituencies during all their brand interactions – not only their shopping cart or ticket purchases. The new world of UX is the sum of your brand’s entire digital experience.

Joe will outline the process for establishing a digital brand that provides an authentic voice to turn your online “story-yelling” into storytelling. Quality storytelling means increased customer engagement, higher conversion rates, and more people sharing their experience with others.

Joe will outline the steps of the branding process for ecommerce success, including:
• Understanding your commerce customer journey using the concept of the loyalty loop.
• The basics for developing your digital brand, including a follow-along workshop session.
• How to leverage the new branding elements of Impression, Interaction, Responsiveness and Resilience.

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About the Presenter

Joe Post is Creative Director at Adage Technologies. Joe has extensive experience in digital strategy, including guiding UX, design, and brand strategy for some of the world’s most powerful brands. He developed his skills over nearly a decade in various roles at digital agencies.

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