The Guthrie Theater is a living organization reflecting the culture and human spirit of its audiences today.

For over fifty years, the Guthrie Theater has been a mainstay of artistic excellence in its Minnesotan community. Our project was to update the website user experience for patrons and the marketing team at the Guthrie and align vision and user experience.

Adage worked directly with key stakeholders across the organization in marketing, membership, development, and leadership roles to establish a strong organizing idea: Identify, Converse, and Engage.

Adage Technologies redesigned and rebuilt the Guthrie Theater’s homepage, calendar, production detail pages, and additional key page templates on the Episerver CMS. The rebuild included integration with Tessitura (responsible for the Guthrie Theater’s ticketing system, CRM, and ecommerce).

Now, the Guthrie has a strong, consistent brand, a website that tells a story, and an interactive digital experience that keeps patrons coming back for more.

  • Adage Align
  • Digital Strategy
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Implementation of Episerver CMS
  • TNEW Integration
  • Organizing Idea
  • User Experience Design
  • Digital Brand Extension
  • Episerver CMS Implementation
  • Integration with Tessitura Network Express Web (TNEW)

Adage Align


At Adage we help our clients establish strong visions for our efforts that combine brand stories and a matching user experiences that must be authentic for our goals to be met. Identify, Converse, Engage is one such vision for The Guthrie Theater.

Identify visitors and anticipate their needs. We do not want to overwhelm visitors with irrelevant content or prevent them from achieving their goals.

User Experience
  • Easy
  • Invisible
  • Tailored
  • Guided

Present the right amount of information at the right place and time. Use story telling to promote the Guthrie brand story and mission.

User Experience
  • Immersive
  • Inclusive
  • Dynamic
  • “Showy”
  • Exploratory

Our goal is commitment from site visitors: ticket purchases, donations, class signup, rental inquiries, email signup, contact us, enagement.

User Experience
  • Functional
  • Frictionless Transactions
  • Guided